The concept for Ardent Energy heating appliances started in 1977 in the mountain town of Smithers, BC, as a favour for a friend. Hans Duerichen, a mechanical engineer, designed a wood stove for a friend when he could not find a unit on the market with the features he was looking for.

When the performance of that unit far exceeded his expectations, he formed the company RSF Energy and began the production of four models of wood-burning stoves using the principle of that first unit. In the next few years, the original design was improved and numerous other models including wood-fired furnaces were added to the line. Just as the very first unit, the design of these units included a focus on precise heat control, long burn-time and a focus on emissions.

During the next fifteen years thousands of units using the original design concept were built in Smithers. In 1997, the manufacturing of the wood furnaces and stoves was transferred to Ontario and production continued, now under the Ardent Energy name.

The products built by Ardent Energy today still use the original concept which Hans developed many years ago, and are used by customers from coast to coast. Choose an Ardent product today and you, too, can benefit from the wood-burning appliances designed by Hans Duerichen.