Q - How do I know if I should purchase an Ardent Energy furnace or an Ardent Energy space heater.
A - If you want to distribute the heat using ductwork, you will want to purchase either a model F75R or F101R furnace. If you are heating your basement, cottage, workshop, or some other large open area, and can distribute the heat without ductwork, the H65R or H85R space heater should be suitable. The Ardent Energy furnace and the Ardent Energy space heater both have the same internal design and features.

Q - How do Ardent Energy heating units differ from other units?
A - Ardent Energy space heaters and furnaces use downdraft technology. This allows for large fuel loads without compromising on control of heat output. When there are low heat requirements and the unit is full of wood, the fuel burns only at the bottom, with the smoke and combustion air being directed over the coals.

Q - Can I connect the Ardent Energy furnace to an existing furnace?
A - The Ardent Energy furnace has been designed and approved to use as a combination unit with any gas, oil, or electric forced air furnace.

Q - Will I need a circulating blower for the Ardent Energy furnace?
A - If the Ardent Energy furnace is installed as an add-on furnace, no additional circulating blower is required. If you are using the Ardent Energy furnace as an independent wood furnace, you will need the ADB circulating blower kit.

Q - Can I use the Ardent Energy furnace when there is a power failure?
A - In the event of a power failure, an Ardent Energy furnace can still be used. Since the circulating blower will not be functioning, there will be reduced heat distribution.

Q - Can I control the Ardent Energy furnace or space heater with a wall thermostat?
A - All Ardent Energy appliances can be controlled with a wall thermostat. In addition, to prevent unnecessary and nuisance overheating, each appliance has a self-regulating combustion air intake. When an Ardent Energy is used with a wall thermostat, it can easily be the primary heat source during fall, winter, and spring.

Q - How much heat can I get from the optional water coil?
A - The heat output of the water coil is determined by the amount of wood burned in the furnace. Typically, each water coil has a maximum output of 5% of the furnace rating. (e.g. If the furnace has a rating of 75,000 BTUs, each water coil is capable of producing 7,500 BTUs, two water coils would be 15,000 BTUs) All Ardent Energy appliances are equipped to install either one or two water coils.

Q - Can I use a water coil for floor heating or baseboard heating?
A - The water coil was designed to supplement existing domestic water heating, but is not suitable as a heat source for floor heating or baseboard heating.

Q - How is the ash removed?
A - On both the furnace and space heater, the ash is taken out through the main door of the unit with a scoop shovel provided with each unit. In optimum firing conditions, minimal amount of ash is left, making the ash removal less frequent.

Q - I am concerned about the emissions of burning wood. Is there a way to minimize the smoke from a wood-burning appliance?
A - It is a common practice to season firewood for one year, however the emissions produced by an Ardent Energy appliance can be further reduced by seasoning the firewood for a longer period of time. This can easily be achieved by having enough covered wood storage capacity for two heating seasons and ensuring it is filled prior to the heating season. Using this method should allow you to always have an adequate amount of firewood and optimizes the performance of your wood-burning appliance.